Friday, July 22, 2011

Change of Plans

So there's been a change of plans...again.  The hospital here will not release the EEG results until their doctor has reviewed them.  The doctor is in Australia currently and it's unclear when she will return.  That means we can't take the EEG results to Bangkok with us, which means we would have to pretty much start over and re-do everything we've accomplished in the past five days.  That means we're not going to Bangkok.  

The plan for now is to stay put in Chiang Mai.  Sami & I will check into the hospital this afternoon at 4 PM in order to prep him for an 8 AM MRI tomorrow.  Then we'll stick around until the doctor comes back from Australia to interpret both the MRI & EEG findings.

Now that we're not going to Bangkok, having to make a border crossing into Laos or Myanmar is looking more probable.  So that will be an interesting adventure!

We're hanging in there I guess.  The most stressful thing has really just been the constant change in the game plan.  I am confident in the care that we're getting here. Sami's condition is stable, so there is no immediate danger to his health in having to wait.  There are some nice things about being stranded in Thailand: lots of green, lots of yummy Western food, and an elephant reserve that we would love to take the boys to.  Hopefully, I'll be able to post a fun update soon!

Please pray that the doctor will return to Thailand sooner rather than later.  Please pray for Kevin as he is fighting a cold and will stay at our hotel tonight by himself to care for Micah.  Please pray that we would have stamina to continue to respond well to the challenges at hand.  Most of all, please pray that this trial would cause our hearts to trust Father more.


David said...

Definitely praying! You have lots of "friends" there, right?

Aalderinks said...

Oh, goodness. I hadn't read up on your situation since the first post about his seizures. I will definitely pray for you four and your unique trials during this time. I pray for our Father's comfort and sustaining power as you navigate all that needs to be done to find out what is going on with little Sami.

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

Praying SIL! Father's hand is not too short for this adventure of yours and He is able to accomplish all that He wills. Hope to hear good, good news soon.

Matt and Sarah Pitts said...

So THIS is why you've been on my mind and heart so much lately! Continuing to lift you up to the Father of the orphans! "We who are evil" give our children good gifts, how much more will He do??

Love you!

Rachel said...

we are praying for you all and trusting our loving Father for all that you need! May you sense His presence upholding you, thanks so much for keeping us updated on the blog even as your plans seem to be changing frequently. We love you all and will keep on praying! Hang in there mama! Love, Rachel

Angela said...

Beck, I am so thankful that God has chosen you to be Sami's mommy! I have been singing/praying/claiming Our God is Greater over your family. He is at work, and I am hopeful for clarity in results and a fresh pouring out of his presence as you wait... May your family know Him more!
Hugs across the ocean my love!

jscorbin said...

Prayers for you all, Sweetie. Hope to talk to you soon, but not sure when that will be since we are in NY with Mark and Val. Ritual hug for y'all for now ... dad

jscorbin said...

Virtual, that is.