Friday, July 29, 2011

The Day the Soup Boiled Over

I made tomato soup for lunch today at the little apartment where we've been staying.  I turned it on low to keep it warm enough to eat until Kevin came home.  But instead of just staying warm, it boiled over and made a big mess.  That's kind of how I feel like today has been: a boiled over mess.

Sami had another seizure this morning.  At the beginning of the week, Kevin was able to meet with the pediatric neurologist, and she informed us there appears to be one part of Sami's brain that shows signs of atrophy.  I'm not exactly sure what that means.  It might be something that could heal over time, or it might affect his development later on.  What I do know is that this second seizure means that we will not be leaving Thailand on Sunday like we had originally planned.  We have a second appointment with the pediatric neurologist tomorrow morning to see if this second episode sheds light on anything or if it will require further testing.

You would think that Sami's seizures should have been the end of all our hospital drama.  Quite the opposite in fact!  On Tuesday, it was another marathon hospital day with between 8-10 pokes for the little guys, including two rounds of drawing blood, four immunizations, and a TB test.  The nurses had a hard time finding veins in the boys since their skin is so dark, so the blood drawing was particularly painful, physically for them and emotionally for us.  They had their eyes checked and were sedated in order to undergo a hearing test.  After 6 hours at the hospital, we finally were able to bring our bedraggled boys home for some rest.

Wednesday was mine & Kevin's turn to be poked, prodded, and stuck.  Some friends of ours who are in town offered to care for the boys for us so we wouldn't have to chase them around the hospital.  Pardon me for being a bit jealous that they got to go swimming while we subjected ourselves to shots & docs.  It wasn't that bad actually.  Both of us managed NOT to pass out for our three shots and blood draw, which is a major accomplishment for us.  The most difficult thing has been the aftermath of still having to lug around two 20 pound kiddos with a painful Japanese encephalitis shot in one arm and a huge bruise on the other from having blood taken.

Friday found us once again at the hospital to get the results of the boys' blood tests.  Micah's thyroid levels are high, so we have been referred to a endocrinologist for later this week.  While we were visiting with the pediatrician, I showed her my PPD test (that's the tuberculosis test for all of you lucky enough to have never had to have one done!) since it had been hurting and bothering me.  Turns out it was positive, which means some where along the way, I've been exposed to tuberculosis.  The chest x-ray I took today will let us know if I actually have TB or if I was just exposed.

So what seemed like a quietly, simmering situation yesterday now seems like a boiled over mess.  We were planning on visiting the elephants this weekend instead of dealing with a second seizure, potential thyroid issues, and a possible case of tuberculosis.  In reality, however, it's not a boiled over mess.  We are trying to trust in and rest in the fact that whatever comes of any of these situations will be for our good and for His glory.


Will and Vanessa said...

Wow. Bad Day is an understatement. Pring for you.

Brandon and April said...

ok so your text didn't elaborate on ALL of these details! yes, thankful that you hadn't returned home before all of this came out. thankful that we can trust that our Lord will reign in each of these situations. And praying that the next few days will be calm "soup simmering" days that provide some answers and some relief!

David said...

May His glory be revealed through your suffering ... praying!

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

Oh B, I wish we could be there to hug your necks and pray with you for Father's comfort. We're doing the second half over here and hope those sweet little boy arms step in where ours can't.

Meg K said...

Take your troubles from Father's hand. They are not random but specifically chose for you to grow you and glorify Him.
We love yall. Hang in there.

Rachel said...

Oh Becky!
I'm so sorry that y'all have been through all this! But we will PRAY and we will trust that the Lord has His hand upon you all, and will give you all that you need, abundantly and graciously. I'm thankful that you are still there, can try to get some answers as well as not have to deal with china-life at the same time (yes, you still have to deal with thai-life but it's easier in some ways.) I pray that things will "simmer down" and that you will sense God's presence with you. We're thinking of you! Give those darling boys some hugs and kisses for us!

Love you all,

Jason Smith said...

Praying for you in this time of need. He has planned this for your good.

Angela said...

Praying for a day of relief... Some laughter and relaxation and rest. I'm not sure how the Father is going to provide these things, but I am hopeful that a good laugh is in your near future as well as great peace!
I love you much and am thankful that our good God is not surprised and is working all things out for your good and His glory.

The Foster Family said...

Praying for you guys. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. You are not alone!

Brad and Carrie said...

Oh friend, I am so sorry that all of this is going on. Praying for peace, praying for an end in sight.

Schuknechts said...

We hope the elephants are wonderful, and that the docs will be particularly wise and speedy and helpful next week. Love you, and praying for you!