Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Much Needed Break

While it's true in a rather unfortunate way that we've been averaging about 4 hours per day at the hospital, we have been having fun while being stranded in Thailand.  For one thing, there is cereal.  And milk that doesn't have the weird UHT aftertaste.  Kevin has also been loving the pad thai for a dollar.  For another thing, the sky is blue.  Really blue.  It even has fluffy white clouds.

Plus there's a zoo.  A pretty rad zoo.  I think "zoo" might be too narrow of a definition for this place though.  It's more like a maze of hills weaving through a jungle that has occasional animals.  Buying bus tickets to view the zoo would never in a million years have been something I would have done in my pre-parent days.  But when you strap a 20 pound baby to you in the sticky Thailand heat, why, yes, I'd love to pay 80 cents for someone to drive me around, thank you very much.

We started off with wild notions that we would actually trek the zoo.  Kevin studiously poured over the zoo map while Micah wandered about.  Do you see the two chicks in pink in the background of the top picture?  That hill was our first clue that the bus was a good idea!

This was Sami's posture for the majority of the day.  Between the hospital visits and our family outings, that boy has clocked so much time and taken so many naps in the Ergo that he gets fussy when he's not being held.  

It was a super fun day filled with all sorts of wildlife:


And not-so-wild life:

Sami also got a to leave the Ergo for a moment to mingle with the wildlife.  I can hardly believe that this perfect little face is struggling with seizures!

But then back up in the Ergo he went!  It's a rough life when you can't move by yourself.  On second thought, he doesn't look like he minds too much.  Maybe it's not so rough after all...

My favorite thing about spending so much time with Micah in Thailand is watching the world through his eyes.  I imagine that every two year old has a heightened sense of curiosity but based on Micah's time at the care center in Ethiopia, I wonder if his is even more acute.  They did a wonderful job of caring for him there but I'm sure the nannies weren't able to take him outside all that often, if ever.  So every truck, every animal, every shiny Buddhist statue he see here stops him in his tracks and inspires at least of minute of pointing and saying "oooo!"  I just love getting to be a part of it.

The funny thing to me about this picture is that everyone in it (minus the baby elephant I assume) is now on daily medicine: Micah is taking hormone supplements for his thyroid issue, Sami is taking anti-convulsants, and I'm taking meds for my TB exposure.  I'm just a regular old apothecary now!

We're still not sure when we'll be able to leave Thailand.  Sami had a second seizure on Friday, which forced us to push off our departure a second time.  We're hoping to be back home within a week, but there's no way to know for sure.  Meanwhile, we're thankful for cereal, pad thai, blue skies, and having so much family time together.


Angela said...

Yipppeeeeee! I am so thankful for a post with precious smiling faces! I love you and love that God is giving you glimpses of purpose and pleasure in this season. While I have wished you were back here in the states several times lately, you sure couldn't just take your fam to the zoo and chill with the elephants:)
Continuing to pray for answers and wise decisions. Love ya!

Brandon and April said...

All four of you look absolutely great in these pictures!! LOVE seeing your faces! you beck, look especially glowing and happy...and I'm quite positive it's not the TB! Hoping for more fun CM adventures and family fun posts. Love you guys!!

Brad and Carrie said...

I totally agree with April, Beck. You look not just peaceful, but free. Despite all the crazy things.

Have fun and eat some pad thai for us.

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

I love the pictures of my nephews! Micah is so, so fun and I can't wait to snuggle (if they'll let me) with both of them. Glad you got some time for family fun at the zoo.

Aalderinks said...

That picture of Micah and Kevin with the elephant is too precious! We are continuing to pray for you four and your slew of medical issues. Bless your hearts to be thrown into the deep end of parenting so dramatically. Hopefully you'll get some answers this week and can go home soon.

Rachel said...

Beck, wonderful pictures! You do, indeed, look joyful despite all that has happened lately. And, Micah and Sami look the picture of health, so unbelievable that as you said, everyone is on medication! We will keep on praying for you all and hope that this new week will bring some answers and good resolutions. Keep trusting Him! He is faithful and will sustain you!

Susan/Mama said...

It was wonderful to see you smiling in these pictures. I so cannot wait to hug you and Kevin for real and those sweet boys too. Take your medicine and hope things get better.

Morello Madness said...

Hey Beck!
Great pics! Your boys are just precious! Know that we're praying for all of you! I'm thankful that you were CM for the second seizure. May the Drs have wisdom, and may your mama's heart have peace. We love you and miss you!

Morello Madness said...

Hey Beck!
Great pics! Your boys are just precious! Know that we're praying for all of you! I'm thankful that you were CM for the second seizure. May the Drs have wisdom, and may your mama's heart have peace. We love you and miss you!

Matt and Sarah Pitts said...

I don't feel bad for Sami, he is loving his Mama-chariot!! PTL for a break and some fun time for your family!! You got to pet elephants, what?! That's amazing. I can't believe y'all are all on meds. Grateful for medicinal mercies for you Peeks!

Love you,

jscorbin said...

Hi Beck, so glad you and your family were able to make some time for fun! Love the picture of Micah and the ostrich ... awesome! Love, Dad