Friday, January 14, 2011

A Boy & His Cake

a limerick by Becky

There once was a boy with some cake

But there was a terrible mistake

No fork to be found

No chopsticks around

Oh how was he to partake?

After one bite, then two

He knew what to do

Dive right in

Frosting all over his chin

Just hope he remembered to chew.

The poet would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Little Dolphin Kindergarten for extending the invitation to come and play for the evening and providing inspiration for the above ditty.


The Foster Family said...

Love it!

Brad and Carrie said...

I love limericks! And I love Chinese kids who eat cake from their plates. Awesome.

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

And the cake-eater has an inspiring haircut as well. Awesome.

Susan/Mama said...

Sooo cute. The boy, the poems, the photos. Great combination. Thanks, Beck.