Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 353-Week 3

January 23
Name that Fruit

January 24
The Joy of Cooking (in a small kitchen)

January 25
Fairy Princess Ballerina

January 26
The Littlest World Traveler

January 27
Ready & Waiting

January 28
First Snow Day

January 29
Let the Fireworks Madness Begin


Rachel said...

Fun, creative and interesting pictures, Beck! Way to go! I'm impressed. Of course I'm partial to the fairy princess ballerina, haha. (with her luan qi ba zao hair!)

thanks for sharing.

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

I'm so glad you took a picture of the fireworks seller. Seriously, that helps to put all of those explosion sounds into an image for me. :) Asian pear? Love you dear one!

rachel said...

pomelo! youzi!

that pic of chloe was GREAT...and the one of silas was too. ;-)

how about a food pic? roasted red pepper soup, maybe? i'm going to be making that tomorrow b/c oklahoma is expecting the worst winter storm ever - 12 inches of snow is going to fall tonight!


Susan/Mama said...

Loved the spoons. Funny thing, the first thing I thought of was that you weren't going to have the problem of them falling into the garbage disposal and getting the bowl of the spoon all roughed up. Keep up this project. Always fun to see your pictures.