Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project 353

This is the first of hopefully many posts for my new project for the year. The idea seems simple enough: just take one picture a day and then post my week's labors every Sunday. The bigger goal for me is to keep my camera from becoming a dormant bag-dweller and to force my creative horizons beyond dozens of pictures of our dog and, when the boys come, zillions of pictures of them. To me, photography has become a new way to express the way I see the world around me, a challenge beyond the typical medium of words that I'm used to. With my Rebel as my trusty sidekick, I want to see beyond what I see, capture cultural nuances, and reveal realities of life here. Hopefully, my photography skills will get better along the way and at the end of it all, I'll have a portfolio of the craziness that 2011 is shaping up to be.

Most people call this kind of thing Project 365, ie-one picture a day equals 365 pictures. But then again, most people don't have issues with being indecisive like I do and actually start their project on January 1. My project started on January 13, hence then name Project 353.

So here are my first shots:

January 12
Out & about on the bus

January 13
The lake outside our apartment. For some reason, the kids think it's fun to break up the ice with rocks, bricks, and sticks.

January 14
our tutor's birthday cupcake

January 15
my pre-school students at our final class of the semester

Any comments or suggestions are most welcome, especially from some of you photography-minded friends!


The Foster Family said...

Great start! I love the idea.

Susan/Mama said...

Wow, loved the pictures. I really liked the picture of Kevin in the bus mirror. Something about the perspective was really different. The kids holding hands was really sweet too.

jscorbin said...

Really like the bus mirror photo, Beck. Very cool ... Dad