Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy 2nd China-versary!

Today marks our two year anniversary of China life. There is a grammar structure that communicates the idea of the longer something goes on, the more something becomes. I would say that Year Two in our Eastern journey can certainly be qualified as "Yue lai, yue Zhong Guo" (The longer we've been here, the more Chinese we've become). I thought I'd include some pictures of us over the years at the "hot spots" of our home.

And in keeping with last year's tradition, here's my Top 10 List of How You Know You've Lived in China for 2 Years...

10) When swapping bakeware or meals with friends, you realize you only need to label your dishes with initials instead of your whole name because you are only one of a few people who own an oven & use letters instead of characters for your name.

9) You spend so much time sweeping up dust bunnies, that you've come oh-so very close to putting it as one of your "hobbies" on Facebook. But can you blame me? How satisfying is it to get junk like this off your floor?

8) You actually miss the smell of "stinky tofu" when the street seller on the corner takes the day off.

traditional painting

7) You worry that when you return to the states next year, you won't be able to hold a conversation without throwing in random Chinese words (Because sometimes "mafan" just captures the idea way better than any English word can.)

Great Wall

6) When you're convinced that there is no better mode of transportation than this:

5) You have local friends who know you well enough to buy you extremely thoughtful gifts. For example, for Christmas a friend bought me a pair of furry earmuffs because she knows I hate to wear hats because it makes my curls go flat but I'm always out in the cold riding my bike. I loved my earmuffs for the four days I got to wear them before they broke. (At least one ear will be warm.)

4) When selecting an outfit to wear to a party, you realize that the crucial element is not your shoes but your socks. Shoes get left at the door but socks party with you all night long.

Terracotta Soldiers

3) You've come up with gracious ways to deflect questions like "You're fatter/skinnier than you used to be" and "How much do you pay for rent?" and "How much is your salary?"

Forbidden City

2) When views from your kitchen window of sunsets like this thrill you because the pollution finally lets some semblance of color peek through. (There's a strip of pink. See it?)

1) There is still no better place to be than the place where you're supposed to be.


Brandon and April said...

true!! We're so ready for #1. :)

Benjamin said...

Loved the "mafan" comment. Can't wait to hear stories of fun conversations from when you return

Susan/Mama said...

Heck, I've started using "mafan" because it does indeed capture the essence of the situation so often.