Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project 353-Week 2

January 16
Squishy Puppy

January 17
What goes up, must come down.

January 18
Proud Mary

January 19
Swagger Puppy

January 20
Peanuts, Peanuts, and More Peanuts

January 21
Another Domestic Disaster

January 22
Superhero Watches Always Get the Girls

This picture has absolutely no artistic merit whatsoever. In fact, it has no mature merit either. It's just plain funny.


jscorbin said...

So tell us more about Dudu Happy ...

Susan/Mama said...

Domestic disaster. Oh dear. Loved Beans on top of the washer. That made the picture. Thanks for posting these!

Kevin and Becky said...

Believe it or not daddy, I think Dudu Happy is a dining establishment. No thank you! And believe it or not mama, that is certainly not the first time I've done that on laundry day. And Beans was up there to get her paws wiped down after her walk. Not staged at all!

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

Love it Beckers.

Terra said...

The beans on the washing machine is my favorite. Your pictures get more fantastic every month!

Anonymous said...

I love the texture of the dog's face, but the composition is a bit disconcerting. Looks like his face is being squished by...well...his own back? Weird. --J