Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Come Home Soon!

To my two sons:

We got new pictures of you last week, and my heart melted all over again. You both look like you're growing well, and there were even a few smiles.

My youngest son, you look like you're gaining a little bit of weight, which is a good thing since the last measurement we got of you said you weighed only six pounds. Even though you're getting fatter, your clothes are still too big and are swallowing your little hands. It seems that every picture we have of you, at least one of your hands is buried inside your outfit.

In fact, I had to go back and look at all the pictures we've received just to make sure that you had two hands at all. You can't blame a smitten mama for not noticing that there's just one hand.

But there are two. No worries.

And they are still dressing you in pink, which doesn't make your papa happy. But don't worry, we've got some rock star guitar pajamas waiting for you here.

We're working hard to get our hearts and home ready for you and are looking forward to the day that those little hands and big smiles are here instead of there.

And your friends waiting for you here at home wanted me to tell you something:


Your mama


The Young Family said...

Praying the days go by quickly! We can't wait to have the new additions to our ever expanding family (although me personally will no longer be a contributor :-)

Rachel said...

such sweet thoughts and pics, Becky! I love the monkeys "waiting" for them. Yes, come home soon!

jscorbin said...

i love the meenkies, too. Dad

Susan/Mama said...

Well, crap, you just made me cry. That was the sweetest thing ever. Especially the note at the end. That was the kicker that sent me right over the edge.

Holly said...

becky, you are so cute :)

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

Run home Jack! I mean, Come Home Soon! We can't wait to see our little nephews frolicking with Beans and loving on those stuffed animals.