Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 353: Week 6

February 13
Second Snow Day
Proof that, contrary to popular belief, Spring Festival does NOT mean spring has arrived

February 14
Qing Ren Jie
Because nothing says love like holding hands inside a stuffed bunny...

February 15

February 16
The Best News of the Week!

February 17
Yuan Shao Jie celebration

February 18
How to Deal With the Problem of Split-Bottom Pants in the Wintertime:
Add More Layers!

February 19
For a Really Thirsty Giant


Chris & Sarah Peek said...

Did you graffiti that person's car for your picture?! Hope it warms up for you soon. S

Susan/Mama said...

Can you write that in Chinese? Wonder what the owner of that car thought and wonder if s/he could read English?
Love the photos as always. Thanks for sharing.

IAG said...

春天快点吧! I can type it but I can't write it, that's for sure! I'm pretty sure those are the right characters but my zi skills are pretty lacking. I actually wiped off all the snow as soon as I took the picture. Had I left my graffiti, everyone would have known who the culprit was--those English-writing foreigners!

Kevin and Becky said...

Ha! That last comment was from me, not our adoption agency. I must have still been signed in on that account after viewing our group Picasa collection. Oops!

Susan/Mama said...

I wondered who that was, talking like they were you. Cute.

jscorbin said...

I really like your close-up portraits, Beck. I like the Yuan Shao Jie a lot, and the mother/child. Thanks for sharing. Dad

Meagan said...

So excited about the "Best News of the Week" and the bunny handwarmer is precious! <3 Miss you guys!

Christy said...

I think the bunny handwarmer is great, but I'm just really confused about those pants... :D

Anonymous said...

Nice composition on the bunny-hands. Next time, keep the ears in the picture, too. I like. --James