Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project 353: Week 5

February 6
Signs of spring

February 7
Prelude to Lantern Festival

February 8
A City Still Sleeping

February 9
Service With a Smile
(This woman sells baked sweet potatoes on the side of the road. I have a story about this little jaunt to find her that I'll share later this week!)

February 10
The Delicate Art of Transporting Eggs

February 11
The Best Seats Around--the 13th Floor

February 12
On Break & On Guard
(I loved capturing this moment because 1) this is what Beans does all day long 2) the SUN is out 3) it shows my husband's absolute adoration for his Kindle. See it tucked under his arm as he naps? It's like his little security blanket!)


Brandon and April said...

these are great! and I love the new blog look.

Rachel said...

Really fun photos, beck--that one of kevin and beans is a true classic. And way to go on the new blog design! I really like it!

N Family said...

Everything about that last picture is awesome! And Kevin needs to find a bigger couch.

MIL said...

I love the pic of Kevin and Beans, very typical. Hey thosevlanterns look like the ones I quilted for you! And I saw the sock monkey in the baby crib! Love Mom

The Foster Family said...

Love it! And the new layout too!