Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project 353: Week 7

February 20
Sunday Cabin Fever Festivites
Proof that spring needs to get here FAST so we can get out of the house
(And yes, that is in fact mascara in Kevin's temporary mustache)

February 21
Local Bike Fix-It Man (ie-My Knight in Shining Jumpsuit)

February 22
Delinquent Dog

(To help interpret Beans' note, I'll tell you that our closet is three-sectioned space with a sliding door that occupies an entire wall of our bedroom. We took one of the smallest sections and put a few blankets in it for Beans. This is where she hangs out when we leave the house, at night, or when we're sick of her shenanigans.)

February 23
My Best China Friends

February 24
A Question of Effectiveness

February 25
Package O' Goodness From the States

February 26
Don't worry, Dad. You're not the only one who has issues with chopsticks.


Susan/Mama said...

Beans has a really good vocabulary for a dog e.g. "cleaning endeavors" Thanks for the chuckle this morning. Also please ask Kevin to shave off that mustache before he comes home, he looks like a used car salesman.

Erin said...

I'm having a blast scrolling through your older posts and catching up on life with the Peeks. Wow, it makes me miss you. And seeing the picture of Kevin made me think of the time that he showed up at our door with his t-shirt tucked into his jeans :)