Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project 353: Week 10

March 13
(Whenever your year of the zodiac comes up, people will wear red underwear to protect themselves from bad luck. Apparently my neighbor was born in the year of the rabbit.)

March 14
The Best Way to Spend a Sunny Day

March 15
If Panera ever needs a reason to go international, here's one:
my failed attempt at homemade bread bowls!

March 16
Only three weeks to go...

March 17
How Strangers Become Friends

March 18
Weeping Willows Waking

March 19
Sleepover Madness With My Favorite Little Friends


Rachel said...

Fun times!! I really like the Willows picture and of course, the sleepover fun. Great job, Beck!

Brandon and April said...

so fun!!! I love them all. uh...the red chonies are just too much. Makes me hysterical!!
The group shot of the kids is great!!!

Paul & Nat said...

I don't think much is going to fit into your bread bowls :( Good effort though!

jscorbin said...

Like your Willows picture, Beck! How 'bout that depth of field!! Dad

rachel said...

I love the sleepover pic! everyone is in great focus!

Susan/Mama said...

Loved the bread bowl photo and caption. Made me chuckle. Thanks for the awesome photos.

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

I think the trick to bread bowls is shaping the dough over real bowls for baking...