Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project 353: Week 9

March 6
Chicken Delivery Bikes

March 7
Laundry Day: What one must do when there is no dryer in the house

March 8
The Best Way to Start the Day

March 9
A Surefire Sign of Spring: Pineapple Season!

March 10
A Little Boy's Dream (but perhaps not the mama's): Playing in the dirt on the side of the road

March 11
The Wonders of Public Transportation

March 12
Brick House


Susan/Mama said...

Great photos as always. I especially liked the brick wall photo with the changing directions of the bricks. And I know where the laundry photo was taken. That's so fun.

Nick said...

First blog message ever (and perhaps the last); Laundry photo = awesome! Ash says it looks like a sculpture.