Thursday, July 03, 2008

B: Bread Mania

The rest of my family really puts me to shame when it comes to domesticity. Sister Sarah--well what doesn't she do? She bakes, sews, knits, and churns her own butter (maybe not the butter thing but I wouldn't put it past her one day.) Sister Shannon crochets like a champ (I'm so far from that, I don't even know how to spell it!) Me? Well...umm...does running count as domestic? I can cook and put food on the table but I don't delight in the crafty/cook-y side of life like these ladies. But all of that changed at Christmas thanks to my dear mother-in-law! I am now a bread maker!

Yup, that's me and my first loaf of bread. That I made. OK so it was with a breadmaker but I dumped all the stuff in, didn't I? So what if sometime I get the yeast/water/flour proportions a little off and it sinks in the middle? (When that happens, we call it bunny bread because when you slice it, it looks like the bread has ears like a bunny.) Kevin has awarded me exponential domesticity points because of my new found hobby. And you'll be pleased to know, dear mother-in-law, that I haven't purchased a loaf of bread from the grocery store since the breadmaker made its debut in my kitchen. If any of you remember my Blog post from last year expressing my disdain for Martha Stewart, I think I'm over that now because I'm pretty sure she & I are on an equal playing field now.


The Young's said...

I was beginning to wonderful if you 2 were still around. Can't wait for the rest of the alphabet! Check our blog after Saturday, I'll have Landry's 6 mo pictures posted. Love and miss ya'll!!


Shannon & Marcus said...

Ahhhhhh! I haven't even read your post yet- but just seeing Becky's smiling face instead of that PARROT brings tears to my eyes!!! Yeah- inspiration for new posts... If I have time tonight, I may post too :)

Matt and Terra said...

Have you tried making Kevi cinammon rolls in it? I'm sure by now you have. I'm glad that you have turned into a bread making fool. I guess that I am now the winner of the least domesticity points from our clan. Maybe I'll ask for one for my Birthday to be on par with you and Martha :)

rachel c said...

yay for you and returninng to the blogosphere! I love your abc's and will actually add you to my google reader now that you are posting again! :) I'm loving all these new little tidbits about you!

fun times!