Wednesday, July 23, 2008

K: Kevin's Health Kick

We learned before that Kevin’s idea of a home-cooked meal in college was tater tot casserole. My dearest also loves cinnamon rolls. Homemade ones are the preference (and was honestly the inspiration for my mother-in-law to buy me a breadmaker—see “B” post) but Pillsbury in a can will do as well. In fact, whenever we go to the grocery store, Kevin will without fail disappear and then will later bound up to my cart with cinnamon rolls in hand, exclaiming, “We neeeeeed this!” It’s like shopping with a four year-old. A 6’4” four year-old. That makes me laugh in the mundaneness of grocery shopping.

We’ve come a long way since college’s tater tot casseroles but not beyond cinnamon rolls. So says my husband says: there’s just some junk food that you gotta have. Between the two of us, I’d say I probably have a bit more of a health bent than he does. He just follows suit because I’m usually the one who does the cooking, and he knows that it makes me happy when he makes healthy choices. So how pleased I was when his picture pops up in my work email account one day:

Kevin had taken our dinner left-overs and made a salad out of it. He does this exact same thing all the time, but he’s never taken a picture of it before. A bright spot to my worker day most definitely. Now if we could only wean him off those cinnamon rolls…

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