Thursday, July 24, 2008

L: Little People

We like to make new friends. Especially when they’re brand new people. I think babies are a funny thing because that’s exactly what they are: brand new people. And they’re so little. Perhaps an obvious observation but it’s hard to imagine ever being that small.

We’re made quite a few new little people friends since we’ve been in Louisville. Our church typically has upwards of fifteen pregnant couples at a time, and that might be a conservative guess. Here are some of our friends we made during the winter:
Lydia He! We met mama & papa, Kristen & Buddy, when we first moved to Louisville. Buddy was in the same degree program as Kevin & they were our neighbors in the same apartment complex. I think Buddy is one of the reasons that Kevin began to love the country we're moving to. In fact, Buddy & Kristen just returned to that part of the world this week. We look forward to seeing them and their new little person this summer when Kevin & Buddy have class on a tropical island. No, I'm not even kidding.

Jude Schuknecht! Mama & papa, Stevi & Troy, are some of our dear friends from Louisville. They're from the west coast and lived in Austin for a while, so we've got a lot in common. They just recently moved back to Austin and bought a house on Mint Julip Drive (how appropriate). We're looking forward to seeing them again when we head south for the summer.

Landry Young! Landry is our little neice who's back in Texas with Kevin's sister & brother-in-law. We technically haven't met her yet but mama Robyn certainly keeps us in the loop by posting plenty of pictures on her blog.

Granted, all of these little people are now sitting up by themselves and eating real food. But they're still our little friends!


Shannon & Marcus said...

Hoorah for Little People!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous blogging, dear Becky! Well done! Hugs, Jess

Schuknechts said...

SOOOO excited for y'all to come to Mint Julep Drive soon! WAHOO!