Friday, July 04, 2008

C: Crazy good times--New Years '08

Whoever said that seminarians don't know how to have a good time sure hasn't been to the Peek at the White Butts parties. Before you get any crazy ideas of what we do to entertain ourselves out here in Kentucky, let me explain. To welcome the new year, the Peeks (all four of us!), Blake & Alicia White, and Dustin & Jamie Butts all got together for dinner & games.

We also got to celebrate Sarah's birthday. A mere twenty-four years ago, she was the first baby born in Spokane, WA. Happy b-day Sarah! Glad you're alive!


Chris & Sarah Peek said...

Ah what a delightful evening that was...though I wasn't born in Spookie, but Bremerton (dad-o was in the navy then). First born in Kitsap County yo!

Shannon & Marcus said...

Wait a MINUTE!!! I thought that this looked familiar!!! It's blagerism (blog + plagerism)- it took a little digging- but I found this same pic on another Peek site.
Side note- I was checking out pics on your friend, Ashley's site, and came across a pic from her wedding where the whole bridal party is running across a field. I thought, "Is that Becky???" And I think it is- and I love that picture of you more than words could tell- you look almost as happy as the bride, and certainly more carefree!
Love ya!

Erin said...

What does that mean that she was the first baby born in Spokane? Seriously? The first baby ever born there or the first to her family...please explain.

P.S. Hi Sarah! Happy very, very late birthday. Were you really the first baby born in Spokane?

Matt and Terra said...

I also thought I was having deja vu with this post. I'm glad that I got the Becky perspective on the night. I wish that we were closer and could have frequent evenings of fun like this with you. The White Butts are lucky people.