Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Big Day for Big Little Brother

Around our house, we call Sami 大弟弟, which is pronounced Da Di Di and translated to Big Little Brother.  Big as in size and little as in birth order.  If you ever have the opportunity to be up close & personal with the boys, you'll quickly understand why.  Poor Micah is in the negative range for height on the growth chart, and Sam is...well, he's not a small kiddo.  

Though small he is not, he hit a big milestone in Hawaii on November 1: his first birthday.  Albeit several days late, I managed to make him a cake for the occasion (you can blame your little brother/sister for that one, Sam).  

Here's the play-by-play of Sam's first piece of cake:

The Anticipation

The Inspection

The Sampling

The Approval

The Diligence

The Reckless Abandonment

The Enrapture

Happy birthday to our big little brother!


sandra said...

Happy Birthday big little brother! I've been reading all your posts on my phone while nursing, but haven't been able to comment. LOVE your Hawaii series. It makes me want to go back. I've been thinking of you being pregnant with 2 little ones. It's tough! I'm asking that He give you an extra dose of strength. hugs.

Brandon and April said...

look at those arm rolls! LOVE them!! Happy Birthday Sami. We love you!

Susan/Mama/G-mom said...

Loved the captions, so appropriate. Love to you all.