Friday, December 09, 2011

An Unexpected Hangout

What we assumed would be tropical time solely with family ended up having an unexpected and much welcome interruption.  Our good friends from our church in Louisville, Ryan & Tara Beth Townsend, happened to be in Honolulu the same week as us for a conference.  We most happily took them up on their offer when they invited us for lunch and swimming at the swanky Sheraton Waikiki.

We had a fabulously yummy lunch at the Sheraton's beachside restaurant (anything involving turkey & avocado are always a winner in my book) and were blessed by such encouraging conversation.  I'm afraid that it's often the case that some people don't really know how to engage or ask questions about our life overseas, so they resort to not asking anything at all or asking superficial questions.  Not so with these dear friends.  They asked good questions about our daily life, how we handle the constant transition of our life, and how we would advise others who are looking to begin a life overseas.  But not only did they ask good questions, but they listened well.  Such an encouragement!  

I imagine that our mini-men were not as entertained by the conversation as we were, but there was plenty of fun in store for them in the pool later on.  Remember what I said about our boys loving all things beach?  Let me revise my statement by just saying they love all things water.  It's a fearless love.  A scary, fearless love (for this mama at least).

Should I be worried when my one-year old plunges his face into the water repeatedly?  And has now adapted these same behaviors to bath time as well?  Hmmm...

But there were plenty of hands on deck to circumvent an attempted drownings and to put lots of smiles on these little faces that I love.

We ended the afternoon with a legendary Dole Whip (pineapple flavored soft-serve) and left an encouraged, sunburned, happy Peek posse.


leslie a. knight said...

Your boys are absolutely beautiful! I love the smiles on their faces in these pictures.

Susan/Mama said...

So much fun! I'm always so happy to see a new post when I log in. Thanks for taking the time. Love you.

Tara Beth said...

We had an awesome time with you guys!!!!! Thanks for hangin out with us and for encouraging us with your faithfulness to our L!!

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

Was the sunburning strictly for the 'rents? Because your sweet little boys can probably soak up that sun without fear! ;)