Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Nana & Grandpa

And what would three weeks in Hawaii be without grandparents?  Well, it would still be a lot of really great things but grandparents make it greater.  Kevin parents flew from Texas (first class no less!) for a visit, and we loved every second of it.  Considering that our boys are grandkid #9 and #10 for Anne & Ron, they've got the grandparent thing pretty much down to a science.

We visited a lookout with a blow hole rock.  When a big wave came, it shot up through the rock.  

Micah was less that overwhelmed. He was more content to be held by Nana and watch the flocks of Asian tourists go by.  I guess all the dark hair and cameras made him feel at home.

Then we hit up Sea Life park, which was more or less Hawaiian Sea World.  I figured it would be a hit with Micah since he loves, loves, loves fish.  My theory proved correct.

On the other hand, Wee Sam (though after carrying him for hours, I wouldn't necessarily ascribe to him the word "wee"), took himself a nice nap in the Ergo.  At least the majority of us were awake for one of our few family pictures.

But the highlight of our time with Nana & Grandpa was the way cool beachfront condo they rented.  We were no more than 6 steps from the beach.  A very uncrowded beach, I might add.

The question with kids on a beach trip, I've learned, is how they'll respond.  Will they be freaked out by sand?  Or will the eat it to their heart's content?  Will they cry at the mere sight of a wave?  Or fearlessly throw themselves into the ocean?  It turns out that our kids fall in the latter category and couldn't get enough of all things beach.  Including exploring the culinary qualities of sand.

So many thanks to Anne/Nana & Ron/Grandpa for making the trip and loving on our boys (and us!) so skillfully.  Looking forward to more of it next year!


Leah said...

becky, they are so precious!! (your sweet boys)

jscorbin said...

We enjoyed the visit with Anne and Ron, too!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Pictures!!!
Sorry we couldn't be there with y'all!

Susan/Mama said...

Well, now that Micha knows what sand tastes like, maybe he won't need to do that again. Loved the pictures.

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

Hoolarious. That's my favorite word to describe your boys! So glad they got to meet Nana & Grandpa!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Becky! --James