Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Man, I Needed That

So in my last post, I said that there weren't any present under our Christmas tree.  Let me just go ahead and clarify, lest you think we're anti-presents (we're not).  It's kind of hard to time international shipping, so sometimes the boxes come before Christmas.  Sometimes they don't.  This time they didn't.  My parents are waiting to do Christmas presents when we're back in the States in February.  As for our family...well, I'll just give the excuse that the boys are still really little and don't really care much about presents.  In fact, their favorite toys recently are my dryer (which, yes, resides in the living room) and my broom.  I'll just go ahead and let them entertain themselves with the free things we already own than stress out over buying them new stuff.  For now, at least.

But back to Christmas presents...I found out a few weeks ago that some of our favorite people of all time, Brad & Carrie V, had to make a trip up to Beijing to renew their son's passport.  Since we're but a short train ride from Beijing, I created a master plan for a rendezvous.  I pitched my plan to Kevin sort of like this:

Me: I know what I want for Christmas.
Kev: You don't get a present this Christmas.
Me: Ha, ha.  No, really, I know what I want.
Kev: No, really, you don't get a present.  Do you remember your expensive new lens you got for your birthday?  You said it would count as your birthday & Christmas present.
Me: Drat, that does sound like something I would say...

Nevertheless, we decided it would be worth it to spring up to Beijing for less than 48 hours to hang out with these rockin' folks.  We stayed at some Beijing friends' super-fancy apartment (seriously, it's like Pottery Barn fell out of the sky in the middle of China) and ate some pretty tasty Tex-mex.  I know what you're thinking...decent Tex-mex in Beijing?  Well, it is true that I'm not the best judge since I've been away from Texas for quite some time and didn't even really care about Tex-mex while I was there, but I will say that this preggo tummy was very happy indeed.  Plus, they sell Diet Dr. Pepper, so what could possibly be wrong with a meal like that?  

And oh how glad we are that we went!  These are the kinds of friends who ask questions.  Real questions.  And don't let you get away with anything but honest answers.  These are the friends whose family convinced us that we could take the first step toward adoption.  These are the kind of friends whose intentionality about life makes you think twice about the decisions you're making.  These are the kinds of friends who make you want to love Jesus more.  These are the kinds of friends who make you laugh until you might cry.  These are the kinds of friends that make it worthwhile to drag two babies along on a multi-hour trip and not regret it for a second.  So very thankful for friends like these!


Susan/Mama/G-mom said...

I'm so glad you have such wonderful friends in your life.

leslie a. knight said...

Is that Peter's? If it is, we ate there in the summer of 2007 after having spent over a month teaching in Cangzhou. We all ate entirely too much Tex-Mex that night. But it was delicious! Then we got to sleep in super comfy hotel beds. It was a nice mini-vacation before returning to the states.

Also, in a less personal note, just wanted to say I love reading about your adventures in China. I have a friend currently teaching English there - a friend I met during my time in China - and its fun to live vicariously through you all. I also love all the talk of adoption and seeing your adorable boys.

Rachel said...

How great! So glad this worked out! A blessing from the Lord, indeed.

The Foster Family said...


Brad and Carrie said...

You guys are an amazing blessing to us. We hated going to sleep that night because we wanted to soak in every minute. Love you guys!

joseyM said...

Hello! I found you a while back through (incourage) and was pleasantly surprised at your little space here and delighted to find we have much in common... my family adopted two sweet little girls from Ethiopia about 4 years ago, we are moving to China this summer, and now to find we are both expecting our third :)
I was hoping to write more and maybe ask a few questions about life there but I couldn't find contact information.
Have a wonderful New Year with your family ~joseymiller!/profile.php?id=1191829706