Thursday, December 22, 2011

Polynesian Cultural Center

Our final adventure in Hawaii was to the Polynesian Cultural Center.  I'll be honest that I was a little wary because they have places like this in China where they showcase several of the country's minority groups.  It's a little bit like a people zoo.  In my opinion, that's is weird.  

This place, on the other hand, wasn't weird.  It was beautiful (as most all things are in the great state of Hawaii) and entertaining.  The boys did great all day, even during the evening show we attended.

I've been trying to study this picture on a regular basis with Micah so he can learn the names of our family members.  (That's just one of the things you have to do when you live far away.)  At this point, however, he just wants to point out everyone's shoes.  Sigh.  Oh when, my son, will you learn the family is far more important than footwear?

So that concludes our Hawaiian adventure.  We flew out from Honolulu, spent the night in Seoul, and then made it home.  It's not America but it's still home for now.  

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Susan/Mama/G-mom said...

Such wonderful pictures. Thanks for the memories.