Monday, August 04, 2008

M: Mawwage is what bwings us togeva today

Can’t you just hear the sweet old priest from “Princess Bride?” Well, his sentiments were certainly true for us this past spring. Beginning in March, we had one wedding every month through July. For many of you, this might not be a big deal, as it might be a common occurrence for your mailbox to be inundated with invitations. But when it means traveling from Louisville to Houston, Dallas, and Wichita, KS, weddings bring on an entirely different flare. But we were thankful to accept the travel challenge in order to join our sweet friends for their marriages. So for your viewing pleasure: 21 Dresses Peek style! The "L" post is for babies, the "M" post is for weddings. Isn't that what life is about in your mid-twenties?

Wedding #1: Travis & Cori Mitchell in March in Houston. Kevin was a groomsman...and I'm sure the most hottest one! My apologies for the poor picture. I actually don't have any at all since Kev left the camera with me in Louisville, so I had to steal this one from Jamie's blog. Thanks JB!

Wedding #2: Nick & Ashley (marshall) Absalom in April in Dallas. My dearest maid-of-honor is a bride! More on this wedding in the "T" post but it certainly needs to be said that this wedding was a beautiful balance of worship & celebration. And the bride was H*O*T! And she picked the all-time best bridesmaid dresses ever...I've already worn mine again three times!

Wedding #3: Caleb & Rachel (seitz) Brown in May in Louisville (only clocked 1.5 miles of travel for this one!) Rachel & I began meeting together nearly two years ago and I've gotten to walk with Rach through the seasons of dating, engagement, and now marriage. I was her quasi-wedding coordinator and realized that this stuff is tough! So props to you, Mrs. Kari Breed and Mrs. Valerie Corbin, for making a profession out of it!
Wedding #4: Jeff & Damaris (johnson) McClain in July in Wichita, KS. This wedding by far put the most miles on our friendly Civic but it was a joy to serve Damaris and stand beside her. The best part of this wedding was that I got to take a date. Weddings are much more fun when you have someone to dance with I think.

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The Absaloms said...

aww... this is a sweet post. I can't portray how blessed I was that you traveled so far and took so much time to come stand with me! I love you very much, Mrs. Peek, and you've taught us so much already about mawwage. :)