Monday, August 04, 2008

O: Out of things to say

So I’ll just give you a current update on Peek life. Sadness of sad, we are no longer Louisville residents. As most of you know, we’re in the process of moving overseas. Over the past few months, we’ve slowly been downsizing, organizing, selling our things (I heart Craig’s List!), and figuring out what exactly we need to make the move. At the end of it all, our wordly possessions now all fit in our Honda Civic. Wow. How would have thought that possible? It’s a little surreal but very freeing in one sense.

I quit my job about two weeks ago as well. It was sad to leave the coworkers that I had labored to love & serve over the past two years, but there was a great sense of satisfaction as well to be finished. Kevin & I came here for him to do school and for me to work in order to pay tuition. He’s done so I’m done. It was a crazy place to work, and I’ve certainly got entertaining stories to prove it. And now that season is closed.

Sell stuff…check. Quit job…check. Cram all possessions in car…check. Say goodbye to people that we love a whole, whole lot...check. Now what? We’re now making a grand tour to visit friends & family in Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. It will be a wild ride so pray for our hearts as we transition through it all.

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Morello Madness said...

Wow...It seems like just yesterday when we pulled out of Louisville. All of our worldly possessions did not fit in our van (we loaded them up in an 18-wheeler bound for Houston,) but we too got rid of almost everything! We'll continue to pr for y'all as you make the transition to our side of the world. The next few months are full of transition, goodbyes, training, and preparing! Keep your eyes focused on the cross and it will go way more smoothly! I can't say I'd be excited to go through that all over again, but it was worth it; I am so glad to be here!

We love y'all and can't wait for you to get here, too!