Wednesday, August 06, 2008

S: Sweet

They say that 25 is supposed to be a difficult birthday but birthdays don’t really phase me. Maybe I just say that because I’m still young. Who knows? But I like to think that each year is a gift from God and that age means wisdom. Someone please remind me of this every birthday, ok?

For my day-o-birth, Kevin took me on a picnic to one of my fav parks in Louisville called Cherokee Park. We had lunch out on the summer lawn and watched this strange group of people beat on each other with medieval weapons made out of PVC pipe. Strange. Very strange. Chris & Sarah came and joined us shortly after and we all watched the strange people and their comments much resembled ours. Strange. Very strange.

The most interesting event of my birthday was my gift. As a curly haired gal who appreciates convenience, there’s not much time invested in my hair when I can just scrunch it and go. But my dear husband loves it straight. I straightened it everyday on the honeymoon for him but it certainly takes time. I had told him I wanted a Chi straightener a long, long time ago. Well, the sweet man ordered one for me for my birthday, but then did some research and found out that there are tons of fake Chi's sold online. Once mine arrived, we looked at it a little more closely to see if it was fake. I even took it to a salon across the street from my office to compare it to theirs. Sure enough…as fake as my Gucci wallet I bought at the Pearl Market in Beijing. Unless of course my Chi was made in both Houston and Korea, like the box said. So we sent it back and the curly hair lives on.

The best part for wife about birthday presents that don’t work out is that she gets the surprise of another one. The worst part for husband about birthday presents that don’t work out is that he has to come up with another birthday present idea. Still pending. We’ll keep you posted, but in the meantime, it’s still great to be 25.


the lewisi female said...

Happy Birthday! We don't regret getting to know you guys better over the summer but it sure has made it harder with you leaving! We miss you already! So sorry we didn't get to say bye on your last day... I'm not good at goodbyes anyways.
Praying for you...

Matt and Sarah Pitts said...
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Matt and Sarah Pitts said...

Remind me again, isn't your birthday in May? 12th? I couldn't remember but I vaguely recall it being close to mine (May 8), thus establishing our crazy cousinhood even more.

I forgot to tell you that a couple of weeks ago I had a dream that I opened your blog page and you were already up to W! I was so excited! And now in real life you are very close!! I am enjoying the Alphaposts!

Your Cuz

P.S. I deleted that last comment due to a grammatical error that I wouldn't allow to remain. Just so you know.