Monday, August 04, 2008

P: Peek family Easter

OK back to April…I heart in-laws. It’s true that you get to choose your spouse but you don’t get to choose your spouse’s family. Well, I couldn’t have chosen a better set of in-laws, especially when it comes to Chris & Sarah. It’s no news that Kevin has a twin brother, and that we just love them to death. In fact, having already left Chris & Sarah in Louisville and now writing this post about the Easter meal we shared together makes me even more thankful for the year we got to spend together in the same city. Our hope & our goal is to be together again one day, hopefully overseas. But enough reminiscing or I’ll just start crying over my dear Speek (that’s what I call my sis-in-law/best friend Sarah) again…as if I haven’t been missing her enough. (Too long, Clancy, too long…)

As I’ve shared with you all before, Sarah wears the domestic hat in our family. But come Easter, I thought I would give it a try. To be honest, three months later, I have no clue what I made but I’m nearly certain that the Breadmaker was involved. It’s like my secret weapon of domesticity…or my only weapon. The fact that I can’t remember what we ate should be a reminder to all our us hostesses that your hosting is not about food, it’s about fellowship. We enjoyed one another’s company, and most of all, celebrated the sweet reality of our savior’s resurrection. And the fact that Christ was raised from the dead is just as relevant now as it was three months ago on Easter!

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