Monday, August 18, 2008

V: Viva Europa

About a year ago, I came up with this plan of what I wanted to do during the interim period between Louisville and East Asia. Visit family & friends of course but what better way to reward a season of hard work at school & the office than a fun vacation for just Kev & me? And what other time will we be without kids and have the freedom to take a vacation of this magnitude? Thus it was conceived: VIVA EUROPA! We’re going backpacking through Europe!

Kevin was skeptical at first. To assuage his fears, I made a coffee can with a whole cut out of the top to begin funding our trip. I think I only collected about $22 (including a $20 bill) but nevertheless the sweet man agreed that we could make the trip.

So we’re going to Europe! We fly out on September 22 and get three glorious weeks across four countries. We’re flying into Munich, Germany (during Oktoberfest), will travel down through Switzerland, then through Italy, and swing through France before heading back to Munich to head home on October 15. We’re working with an extreme shoestring budget, so that should make things interesting. If you have an Europe tips/pointers or things we HAVE to see, let us know!


Chris & Sarah Peek said...

You're getting dangerously close to the end of the alphabet and we have 4 1/2 months to go before 2008 runs out...Don't stop blogging when you finish letter 26!

We miss you so much back in the Ville. Glad as a hatter that your Viva Europa trip starts here!

Leah Gibson said...

Becky! I am so impressed by the alphabetized blog titles. What's next? Numbers? Hope you're doing well!

Me said...


I have a friend that I stayed with in Munich for a couple of months that I still keep in touch with. I could set you up with her if you would like. Also, check out - my brother is one of the founders and would be willing to help you get started. You can stay at people's places for free, and it's a great way to experience Europe. Email me if you want some more info.

Vanessa said...

My recommendation- don't eat in a restaurant-you will blow the budget. Shop at markets and have picnics- and keep a water bottle around for drinks. Also- I guess you are going to be in Paris on the 1st Sunday of the month? Lots of free sites- I think I told you about that already.